‘Smart Casual’ (Noiselandia) album release

I recorded Smart Casual about 12 years ago while living in the U.K.
It's been sitting on a hard drive ever since, backlogged by other projects, responsibilities and fears.
In 2014 Mikhial Gurarie and I paired up as Noiselandia and made mixing, mastering, and releasing Smart Casual our first project.
2016 is here and it's out, hopefully signalling a resurgence of energy and focus towards completing other projects.
 Hope you enjoy and feel compelled to share.
Paul (Noiselandia)


Slaughterhouse Session

hqdefault 25th March 2015 Andrew McMullin laid down drums on six tracks. He’s really brought these to life. Killer drummer and an awesome dude. He was sick as a dog but totally pro.